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Why am I getting a bunch of spam from I hate spam! I don't want your spam! I'm going to sue you!
Relax, killer. No one from is sending you spam. We do not send spam, nor have we ever, nor will we ever. We are simply being victimized by a joe-job.
What is a joe-job? A joe-job is when a spammer forges the "From:" portion of an email to use someone else's domain name, instead of their own. In this case, someone is using bogus addresses for a batch of outgoing spam. Yes, it really is that easy to forge email - it is done millions of times each day by spammers.
Can't you stop the spam? No. No one at can stop it, because we're not sending it. We don't know who is, and there wouldn't be much we could do if we did. So, please just delete it and go on with life. Or, if you feel you need to complain to someone, complain to whatever website they're hawking, or to whatever company whose products they're trying to sell. If you get them to stop advertising via spam, it'll be a better world.

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