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These are the following email addresses you may use to contact the people responsible for Bennyvision:
SECURITY CONCERNS: Please send a message to security detailing what has happened, why you think it's a security incident, and include log entries (NTP synced, please). We will need real IP addresses to investigate, mind you. See also NOC below.
SITE CONCERNS: If you have concerns, comments, complaints, etc about our site and our content, please email us! If something's broken, you're offended, or the closet gnomes are getting on your nerves, let us know. We can't improve the site without some feedback.
ARIN/NETWORK/NOC CONTACTS: If you are attempting to contact the owners of this network because of some sort of security or network issue, please send an email to security.

Problems, broken links, and/or complaints? Let webbugs know.