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UBE, or unsolicited bulk email, is email that is sent to you or others that was not specifically requested. Some is also known as UCE, or unsolicited commercial email, but I make no distinctions between the two. I don't care if you are making millions of dollars a day running 47,000 porn sites. And I don't care if you're trying to save little Jimmy in the children's cancer hospital. If you send me unsolicited email trying to sell me a service, give me free porn, or save little Jimmy, you're a spammer.
Spammers are definately one of my largest pet peeves. In my opinion, I should not have to pay, via costs and resources, to receive something I can't refuse in the first place. For example, if someone sends you a spam email, your ISP has to expend resources to both transport that email to you in the cost of bandwidth, and then spend further resources to store it for you. If you host your own domain or have some other hosting arrangement, the cost is still paid by someone other than the sending organization or individual. People sending junk mail (you know, the crap that clutters your snailmail box every week) have to pay postage, handling, etc - why shouldn't spammers? Charge them a buck a copy, I say. That should prevent anyone from buying a $14.95 dialup account for the sole purpose of sending out 2 million spam emails, before the ISP [hopefully] shuts them down.
Simply refuse to buy anything from a company, individual, or organization that uses or has in the past used UBE. Don't visit their web sites - some sites derive their revenue from web page requests. Don't read their message, don't forward it on to your friends (the little Johnny phenomenon), simply ignore it. Hit the 'D' key. Click on the "Delete Item" button on your email client. Refuse to pay any attention at all to it.
Marketing's worth is determined by customer (and potential customer) response. If a marketing scheme (which is all spam really is) doesn't get results, it won't be used. Or at least, it won't be used as much. In a perfect world, I would love to see a CEO look a marketing executive in the face when presented with a UBE marketing campaign, and say "Sorry. We can't afford to alienate our customers. We can't afford the public's backlash, and we don't want that black, rotten smear on our company's name. Go back to your cubicle and do your job, instead of hurting our company more." Now that's a picture that makes me smile.

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