Bennyvision logo Saturday June 22, 2024
09:45 AM (CDT)
1719067504 epoch


Welcome to my projects page. While I am not a developer, I do try to give contributions back to the open source community. Before you ask, I release all of my work under the two clause BSD license that parts of the OpenBSD project uses. I believe that software should be totally free, including for commercial use. Don't debate with me on this, that is my decision.
Also, not all of this is nerd stuff - I've added some other projects like my solar system, and our chicken coop and garden, too!
Now, on to the stuff. Here is a list of the items you may be interested in:
  • Our chicken coop, solar system, and garden, kind of a triple project.
  • My homemade semi-portable solar power system.
  • A list of Microsoft Windows® event log IDs that can be monitored via Nagios and's check_logfiles plugin can be found here.
  • My project page for the Nagios network monitoring system.
  • OpenSSH depots for HP-UX
  • OpenSSH packages for Solaris

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