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Ames, Iowa. Sunny and Molly are married!
Sunny and I have been friends for 15 years or so. I don't know Molly as well, but look forward to getting to know her, she's a pretty cool gal. I've seen Sunny in good times and bad, and I am so very happy he and Molly are together. Hats off to the newlyweds!
There are pictures and videos... The videos are a little shaky, because they're so long/the church was hot/I'm an idiot and forgot my tripod. And unfortunately, I had no idea how long the vows and people-standing-up-and-talking part was going to be, so I ran out of storage on my SD card in the camera. :( That makes me sad. But, I got a lot of it, including all of the vows and a lot of Sunny's Mom's speech. :)
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