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St. Louis, Missouri. A couple of friends of mine, Chris and Liz, live in St. Louis now. I miss them terribly, so I went down to see them after Christmas, 2003. They even let me in!
I spent several days with them and their herd of animals - Aussie (dog), Toby (horse), Church (cat), Sheba (cat). Chris and Liz are both excellent cooks, so I was fed very well.
We watched a few movies, took a trip downtown, explored a cave, herded their animals, worked on Chris' NeverWinter Nights module, and took a trip across a historic bridge. It was awesome - thank you so much, Chris and Liz!
For your viewing convenience, I have scanned two types of images - large and small. The large ones can be over half a megabyte, while most of the small ones are 100k or smaller.
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